Standard Features
(Special Version on Request)
• Hoisting with drum rotation as shown. (Opposite on request)
• Planetary gear box with reduction ration 1:5
• Counterbalance valve nominal capacity 90 L/min
• Internal lubrication with oil VG 46ºE: quantity 15kg
• Multi-disc negative brake: braking static torque 130 daNm
• Maximum allowable back pressure in hydraulic return line 0.5 MPa
• Maximum torque on the drum 370 daNm
• Class M5 L2 T5 (FEM 1.001/1987) with drum rotation 25rpm

• The rated line pull are for the winch only. Use ropes with correct strength
• A minimum of 4-5 wraps of rope must be left on drum for security
• This winch is not intended for devices used for lifting persons
• We reserve the right to make changes without notice