About Winch City


Need a hydraulic winch? Then Winch City will have the right product for you. Based at Clontarf in Brisbane, we will meet
all your needs.

We are able to supply and service most types of Hydraulic and Air Winches including TMA, Ingersoll Rand, Braden, Hagglunds, Liebherr, Hamworthy, Lohmann, MacGregor, Ram, Stolterfoth, Siebenhaar, Stiebe and Zollern,  just to name a few.

Here at Winch City we specialise in sourcing and servicing
all types of Winches, Hydraulic Power Units, from most
of the world’s leading manufacturers.TMA_Pulling_winch

Our technical team have access to a database of information
enabling them to answer technical questions, and make
recommendations on improving your Pulling, Lifting or
Man Riding Winch Equipment.

At Winch City, we believe in having readily available most replacement parts and consumables at competitive prices.
We ensure peak performance and reliability by minimising
your downtime.

Call Winch City today on (07) 3071 9068 to find out how we can help your business.